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Tips for traveling to Japan and not suffering a cultural shock

Japan is a very distant country whose culture is totally different from ours. This is one of the reasons why it appears on the travel list of many tourists. And, without a doubt, it does not disappoint! Next, we will offer you several tips related both to traveling to Japan and to Japanese culture, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and reduce the initial cultural shock.

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A visit to Santa María del Naranco in Asturias

The visit to Santa María del Naranco is something you should do without excuses if you travel to Oviedo, the capital of the Principality of Asturias. It is a palace dating from the ninth century, a wonderful pre-Romanesque jewel. Who wouldn't want to meet him? We are going there right now, are you coming? Santa María del Naranco: a unique construction Construction was completed in 842 on Mount Naranco, a few kilometers from Oviedo.

The beautiful landscapes of Huánuco in Peru

The department of Huánuco is located in the center-north of Peru, between the western mountain range and the Ucayali River. It presents a great variety of landscapes and one of the best climates, that's why its inhabitants called it the place with the best climate in the world. The height of the Huanuqueño territory ranges between 80 and 6.

The amazing Route of the Faces in Cuenca

Cuenca is a province of La Mancha that overflows with art, nature and beauty. Among its great attractions, we find the historic center of the capital, a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It also highlights its portentous geographical location, exalted by initiatives such as the Route of the Faces, in the middle of the Buendía swamp.

7 suggestions to discover Dublin

The capital of Ireland, is a perfect city to stroll and enjoy its magnificent atmosphere. A good plan to discover Dublin is to explore it calmly and without preconceived ideas. Unintentionally the steps will take you to those places of must-see for your tourist interest. What will you see and do in Dublin?

Natural areas in China that will surprise you

Lovers of landscapes and natural tourism will undoubtedly enjoy natural spaces in China. Its wide territory and geographical variety make this country, the largest in the world, a place to discover amazing spaces. Therefore, in this article we want to offer you a selection of some of these landscapes worthy of admiration.

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9 magical places in Barcelona

Finding 9 magic corners in Barcelona is a really simple task. The whole city is impregnated with a mystical and special flavor that only breathes here, in one of the most important places in the Mediterranean, a metropolis full of art, people and trends. 1. Tibidabo Tibidabo - photosmatic Tibidabo is one of the most magical places in Barcelona.

An ideal weekend in Porto

Porto is the second most important city in Portugal, after the capital, Lisbon. It is divided into two regions: Greater Porto and the Metropolitan Area. Two days in this beautiful metropolis is very little ... but you can take the opportunity to see the basics and have a general idea of ​​some of its "freguesías" (neighborhoods).

Lago di Como: a beautiful postcard in northern Italy

One of the most beautiful and pleasant activities in the world is traveling. Knowing places and cultures different from your own is something wonderful, capable of enriching anyone. And today, we have a really nice proposal. We travel to Lago di Como, a beautiful corner between mountains that will make you fall in love as soon as you see it.

Everything you need to know about traveling with Interrail

There are many who say that traveling with Interrail is something that everyone should do once in a lifetime. It is, without a doubt, one of the best experiences you can live. It is also a unique opportunity to discover new countries and cultures surrounded by your friends. Interrail is part of the European culture, of young people and not so young.

The wonders of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most visited museums in Italy and, without a doubt, in Europe. A unique place where you will find treasures at every step. Do you want to know which ones you can't miss? Well here we tell you. The Medici and its collection of Interior art from the Uffizi Gallery The Medici family was one of the most influential in Renaissance Italy.

We visited the Peñíscola Castle in Castellón

Peñíscola Castle is an imposing fortress with a privileged location and more than interesting history. One of the essential places of the Valencian Community, specifically in the province of Castellón. Join us and discover with us all the historical and architectural details of one of the most emblematic fortresses of Spain, are we going?

A walk through the Vieux Lyon and the Fourvière hill

Any visit to the French city of Lyon should include a tour of its most prominent neighborhoods: Vieux Lyon and Fourvière. The first has medieval and Renaissance buildings; and the second, with Roman ruins and with a huge basilica. Do you accompany us on this tour in order to know them better?

The Lobos River Canyon and its mysteries

It is located in the town of Ucero, in the Province of Soria, and was declared a National Park in 1985. But if there is something that attracts attention, it is that the Lobos River Canyon is considered one of the most mysterious and energetic places from all over Spain. This place stands out for its limestone rock formations that, exposed to the erosion of water from rivers and torrents, have formed a group of caves, some with several kilometers of depth.

Get to know the Boí Valley

The Vall de Boí in Catalan is a beautiful place where it is worth getting lost among its valleys, mountains and rivers. It also has a treasure in the form of wonderful Romanesque churches. The most important town is Barruera and it is a fantastic place to spend some magical and peaceful days. Meet the Boi Valley And start preparing your bags to go there!

Asturias has wonderful beaches Did you know?

Asturias has more than 345 kilometers of coastline blessed by nature. We talk about more than two hundred sand of all kinds: small, large, stone, sand or hidden coves. Each one has its own charm and in many of these beaches you can enjoy all kinds of water sports.

The best getaways for city lovers

There are travelers who love everything urban. They are lovers of cities with personality, history, culture and lots of fun. They seek to savor the unique characteristics of each city, discover what makes them special, taste their cuisine and immerse themselves in their animation. For those who enjoy wandering between streets and buildings, these are perfect getaways.

Vejer de la Frontera, beauty on the Costa de la Luz

The white town of Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most pleasant surprises that one can take tourism in the province of Cádiz. An ideal place to get away or spend a vacation and enjoy a few days of the most varied, from cultural tourism to bike rides and, of course, also approaching a place not well known on the Costa de la Luz.